Welcome, Super Metroid Speedrunners!


Hello and welcome to Deer Tier! The aim of this site is to showcase the best of the best in the Super Metroid speedrunning community. Submit your records and see how you stack up against your fellow speedrunners!

If you wish to play any category on emulator, higan is the recommended emulator to use. Times should also follow SpeedRunsLive conventions. To quote the rules, this means:

  • All files ... should start at 0:00 with the intro sequence completed so play begins in the Ceres station.
  • SNES9x 1.43 and ZSNES are banned.
  • Save the critters at your own discretion.

In addition, the leaderboards operate on the honour system. Please do not attempt to pass off fake records as your own. If any times look suspicious, they may be removed. The best way to establish credibility is to hang out and race with the SRL Super Metroid community. With that said, enjoy the competition! Will you ascend to Deer Tier?


Help us make decisions about the future of Deer Tier!

There was some concern that the previous poll for Low% Chargeless was too easy to mess with so we're redoing it with Straw Poll. If you voted on the previous poll you can go ahead and vote again.


  • January 15, 2017
  • phantomsnake

I've set up a GitHub repository for the Deer Tier codebase here. The code could still use some improvements but it's in decent enough shape for sharing now. Anyone who wants to work on the website can go ahead and submit pull requests but please make sure your changes have been approved by the community first. It's probably a good idea to discuss the changes on Discord.

Past News


Check out the deanyd.net wiki for all kinds of great resources on the game, including the full list of categories. This includes inactive categories that may be retired from Deer Tier.

You can also join our server and chat with other Super Metroid speedrunners.


Your moderators are Belthasar, foosda, Jack879, Krauser318, lvan, Overfiendvip, Straevaras, total, WildAnaconda69 and zoast. If you have any questions about the times you or anyone else has submitted, please feel free to contact any of them in the #supermetroid channel on our Discord server.